Imperium Orders of the Royal High Courts

  1. Kings Court/ (Bench) is Restored as (Empress’ Court)
  2. Court of Magistrates and Freeholders is Restored
  3. Court of Correction and Errors is Restored
  4. Court of Last Resort is Restored
  5. Court of Lode Manage is Restored
  6. Court of Appeal, Her Majesty’s – Highest Court in/on the Land is Restored

Empress’ Court

Historically Queen’s or Kings Bench, Now Empress’ Court. Claimants who come in their proper status may present case’s to Empress’ Imperial administrative bench seeking an Imperial Order upon the land from this court.

WE are not the minority. In Truth “we” so called “Blacks” are indeed the majority everything moving needs our energy to sustain itself. Empowered with knowledge we shall take our rightful place in society and world economics.

Court of Freeholders and Magistrates

This is the Court for Aborigine of America. Indigenous Claimants who come to the court in their proper status.

Court of Last Resort

Aboriginal Inhabitants of America may bring their cases to this court as a last resort after exhausting all remedies.

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